The 11th International conference on Molecular Imprinting (MIP2020)

MIP2020 will be held at International Conference Center Hiroshima (ICCH), Japan from June 21 to 26. This conference aims to bring together scientists and engineers interested in molecular imprinting and related technologies, from academia and industry, in a productive and manageable environment. The scope of the conference ranges from new concepts and principles to advanced preparation techniques and industrial applications. The program will include a special session on bio-related cutting-edge research in Japan, presented by Prof. Kazunori Kataoka (DDS and nanomedicines), Prof. Takahiro Ochiya (Extracellular vesicles), Prof. Kazuhiko Ishihara (Biomaterials), and Prof. Yasushi Okada (Super-resolution imaging).

The end of abstract submission: February 29, 2020

The end of early registration: March 31, 2020

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